Relevant works:


Neun Stücke nach Ingeborg Bachmann (2001), for soprano and string-quartett.

(Dorothee Mields, Soprano, Stefan Latzko, Florian Donderer, Violins, Friederike Latzko, Viola, Tanja Tetzlaff, Cello).


Die Abenteuer des starken Wanja (2003), Konzert für Kinder nach der Erzählung von Otfried Preußler, for clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, violin, cello, accordion, percussion and speaker.

(Jürgen Holtz, speaker, Ensemble of the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler, Bernhard Barth, conductor)


Works for voice (Landschaften)(2003-4). Studies of musical deconstruction of language.

(Andreas Arend, voice)


Nachtfalter (2005), for chamber-orchestra.

(Sinfonia Concertante, Bremen, Rodrigo Blumenstock, conductor)


Picus und Canens (2006), pasticcio with text by Ovid, for recitation and lute. Later version + soprano (with June Telletxea, 2008).


Salve Regina (2007) for soprano and baroque-orchestra.

(Maria Keohane, Soprano & Arte dei Suonatori)


Schattenspiel und Feuerwerk (2009), for violin, dulcian, theorbo, organ. (Ensemble chelycus)


Arianna (2011), cantata containing and around C. Monteverdi´s "Lamento d´Arianna", for soprano, violin, viola da gamba, trombone, oud, fokker-orgel (31 steps per octave) percussion and recitation.

(June Telletxea, soprano, Arianna Ensemble Amsterdam)


Thu was du wilt (2014), Narr-a-torium after Johann Fischarts "Geschichtklitterung" (1575, an expanded translation of F. Rabelais´"Gargantua"), for two voices, lute, violin-band and recitation. A pasticcio, containing also works by C. Jannequin and others.

(June Telletxea and Teppo Lampela, voices, The Pantagruelisten-consort Helsinki-Berlin).


Music related to the concert series "Epos - die Erzählung geht weiter" (with the group Metamorphosen Musiktheater: June Telletxea, Andreas Arend, Niklas Trüstedt)

- Perry Rhodan (2012), science-fiction opera for soprano, theorbo, guitar, viola da gamba, audible scenography, electronics and recitation.

- Gugemar (2013), Erzähloper after Marie de France, for soprano/harmonium, tenor/electric guitar, bass/viola da gamba and recitation.

- Der Toupetkünstler (2017), (Nikolaj Lesskow) Erzählung mit Musik, for soprano/harmonium, guitar, violone and speaker.


Bubbles (2015), Musik für Theorbe, Laute und Stimme, 6 pieces for theorbo, 3 for lute, 1 for voice(s) and lute, 1 for voice(s) and theorbo. Parts of this collection have been part of the radio-production "The Waste Land" by Radio Bremen 2016.


Stadt- und Mondschlager (2015), collection of german and english pop-songs for two voices, viola da gamba consort, lute (additional theorbo ad lib.) and percussion.


Plagal (2016) for viola solo.


Sur une Sarabande 2016 (2016), for viola and theorbo (after a sarabande by J.S. Bach)

(Nils Mönkemeyer, viola, Andreas Arend, theorbo)


Counterpoints (2018) for soprano (one also with viola da gamba)  to motets of Josquin des Prèz. To be sung to the lute Intabulation.

Praeter rerum seriem, Stabat mater and Benedicta es coelorum.


Abendlied (2019) consort music for viola, lyra universalis, theorbo, violone and voice.


casual consort song (2020), to be played to an open-minded public in the park. For cornetto,  violin, viola da gamba and theorbo.

Commissioned by TIDLØS Festival, Roskilde, supported by Forberg-Schneider Stiftung


Zwei (2020-21) consort music, second set, five movements for violin, lyra polyversalis, theorbo and violone.


Kondensierte Zeit (since december 2020), miniatures for the lyra universalis. work in progress.


31 oder die Macht der Liebe (2021) Fragment Nr. 31 by Sappho set in music and framed by Handel´s Cantata "mi palpita il cor".

Commissioned by q-ensemble berlin.