Born in Erding / Germany.

Musical studies in Hamburg (Eicke Funck, Wulfin Lieske, guitar, lectures in composition with Manfred Stahnke and Alfred Schnittke) and Berlin (lute with Nigel North and Elizabeth Kenny).  Diploma 2001 in Berlin. Since 2002 he is based in Berlin.


 The part of his work in the field of early music concentrates in recitals with solo-repertoire for the lute, chambermusic and orchestra with internationally well reputated partners.


He is regularly creating own programs with the groups Artemision Ensemble and Metamorphosen Musiktheater. With the latter he is the iniciator of a series for literatur and music in Berlin´s Theater o.N.


More than 40 Cd´s with his participation have been issued.

 2007-11 he taught the lute at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen (Denmark), since 2013 teaches at the HMT Rostock (Germany).


As a composer Andreas received commissions, like for a chambermusic series at Radio Bremen (Neun Stücke nach Texten von Ingeborg Bachmann, 2001), the Uckermärkische Musikwochen (Die Abenteuer des starken Wanja, Concert for children (2003), or the finnish Encanto-Festival (Thu was du wilt; Narratorium after François Rabelais, 20014). He realized compositions for programs, that combine early and contemporary music (f.e. Salve Regina for Soprano and baroque orchestra (2006), The Arianna Projekt for microtonal instruments (2011) and voice, or Dr. Faustus, semistaged musical happening, (2016).

 2015 he issued a book with his lute music.